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About Us

EARTHLOK delivers permanent hard armour protection to prevent soil loss and erosion from wind, rain and water and specifically engineered for effective use in floodway areas. The pyramid shape of Earthlok utilises the flow of water to force the block down into the subgrade to further anchor the mat into the ground


EARTHLOK is a flexible concrete matting system that consists of pyramid shaped 50 Mpa concrete blocks. The block dimensions are 165mm x 165mm base, 50mm x 50mm top, with a height of 60mm. Each block is surrounded by a 40mm spacing that gives the mat flexibility and allows for optional vegetation growth. The blocks are interconnected with a 60-60kn UV stabilised geogrid mesh which is inert to most chemicals.


Expected lifespan of Earthlok is 100yrs+ in vegetated applications and 50yrs+ in non-vegetative applications.

Earthlok is manufactured with the option of a biodegradable nutrition mat underlay to help promote vegetation growth, as well as protect the subgrade while vegetation is being established, or a non-woven geofabric underlay for applications not requiring vegetation.


The concrete mixture has a green star rating of 3/4, due to the recycled materials used - including slag, recycled sand and recycled water. The concrete can be produced in a range of colours to suit the surrounding environment. Once the concrete cures it is then cut to specific sizes and rolled up like carpet, then distributed to site for quick installation.


EARTHLOK is currently manufactured in Victoria and distributed Australia wide.  Our state-of-the-art production facility and strict quality management plan, ensures 100% quality for all product that is delivered to site.

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