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 Revolutionary Erosion Control

EARTHLOK erosion control is a revolutionary solution for erosion control in Australian civil engineering and infrastructure projects.

EARTHLOK erosion control solutions are used in erosion control, the stabilisation of embankments, slope stabilisation, horeline protection, swale or table drains, spoon drain hard stand areas and waterways and more.

Why Choose Earthlok for Erosion Control?

Earthlok offers revolutionary erosion control solutions that are superior, durable, and environmentally friendly. Here's why you should work with us:


  • Superior Solutions: Our flexible concrete mats are designed to protect exposed substrates from wind, rain, and water flow, preventing soil erosion. Whether it's slopes, channels, waterways, or other erosion-prone areas, our custom-made solutions meet your specific needs.


  • Long-lasting Performance: Earthlok erosion control is built to last. With an expected lifespan of over 100 years in vegetative applications and 50 years in non-vegetative scenarios, our solutions provide reliable, long-term scour protection.


  • Environmental Friendly: We prioritise sustainability. Our erosion control solutions have a lower carbon footprint, with one truckload of Earthlok equivalent to 15-20 truckloads of rock. Our concrete mixture includes recycled materials, contributing to a greener approach.


  • Customisation Options: Earthlok offers custom solutions, tailored to your requirements. We provide flexibility in design and size, ensuring the perfect fit for your erosion control needs.

Choose EARTHLOK for effective erosion control in Australia. Contact us today for reliable and environmentally friendly erosion control.

Explore Our Services & Contact Our Team

When it comes to erosion control in Australia, Earthlok is your trusted partner. 


Our revolutionary concrete mats provide superior protection, long-lasting performance, and environmental sustainability. Don't let erosion compromise your projects - choose Earthlok and experience the difference.


Contact us today to learn more about our erosion control solutions and how they can benefit your specific needs. Our team of experts is ready to provide you with customised recommendations and a competitive quote. 


Take the first step towards effective erosion control by reaching out to Earthlok now.

Erosion Control - FAQs

How does erosion control work in Australia?

Erosion control protects exposed substrates from wind, rain and other forms of water flow, preventing soil erosion.


More durable and versatile than standard erosion control in Australia, EARTHLOK erosion control solutions are a revolutionary, Australian-made solution to erosion.


EARTHLOK erosion control solutions are commonly used on slopes, channels and water ways to prevent erosion damage.


Civil engineering projects often need vegetation removal. However, this exposes the bare substrate to the effects of water, wind and human activity, leaving the ground prone to soil erosion.

A lack of erosion control can have serious consequences for a civil engineering project, unless effective erosion control is implemented to protect the substrate.

Often, erosion control is installed to slow down the flow of water across a surface. However, erosion control can also be strategically placed to dissipate water pressure so that the force is not acute enough to cause erosion damage.

How long do erosion control blankets last?

Typically made from fibres, whether synthetic or natural, erosion control blankets can be expected to last 4 to 6 years before they degrade.


But EARTHLOK erosion control in Australia is built to last for decades, not years. With a consistently high standard of design and manufacture, EARTHLOK erosion control solutions have an expected lifespan of 100+ years in vegetative applications and 50+ years in non-vegetative.


EARTHLOK erosion control is Australian-made and environmentally friendly. With a much lower carbon footprint, one truckload of EARTHLOK erosion control is equivalent to 15-20 truckloads of rock.


In addition, EARTHLOK erosion control solutions can be custom-made to almost any size, for any unique design specifications. For a long-lasting erosion control solution, contact EARTHLOK for a custom quote.

What are erosion control blankets for?

Erosion control protects against the damaging effects of erosion. 

Scour protection is used in local government infrastructure works and civil engineering projects. Without erosion control, it can have serious environmental implications as a result of sediment laden water runoff entering waterways or sensitive environments.

These detrimental impacts can be mitigated with erosion control products. The best erosion control solutions are cost-effective, durable and have low maintenance needs, while also being environmentally friendly. 


EARTHLOK erosion control is Australian-made in Victoria from a revolutionary sustainability technology in scour protection.  The concrete used has a Greenstar rating of 3/4, and one truckload of EARTHLOK erosion control is equivalent to 15-20 truckloads of rock.

To learn more about the benefits of EARTHLOK erosion control, contact us for custom-made erosion control solutions.

How do you use erosion control blankets?

Erosion control blankets are laid down to prevent the underlying substrate from being eroded by wind, rain, water flow, and vehicle and pedestrian traffic.


Erosion control solutions are implemented on a civil engineering site where vegetation and topsoil have been removed. The soil is compacted and the subgrade is prepared appropriately for the specific application.

Then, our erosion control solutions are placed on top to protect the substrate from potential erosion. 

Erosion control solutions act to stabilise the substrate to protect it from erosion damage. Erosion control also prevents the soil from shifting and can help vegetation re-growth, further stabilising the ground.

To learn more or inquire about a custom quote for erosion control solutions, contact EARTHLOK about our effective erosion control.

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