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Spoon Drains

EARTHLOK is a revolutionary new solution to build spoon drains that protect from erosion damage.


Custom-made to design specifications, spoon drains collect excess surface water before it can soak into the ground, protecting soil and embankments from weather erosion.

EARTHLOK flexible, hard armour-lined spoon drains are made in Australia, cost-effective and environmentally friendly. Contact us for spoon drain solutions to erosion. EARTHLOK can also be used for Swale Drains.

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Spoon Drains - FAQs

Can you use EARTHLOK in a spoon drain?

EARTHLOK-constructed concrete spoon drains deliver hard armour protection from water erosion. EARTHLOK spoon drain design needs to be meticulous for the spoon drain to work.


An experienced EARTHLOK technician will be on-hand for most initial orders, to assist with the installation of spoon drains. This service is available for free at no additional charge, anywhere in Australia, to ensure correct installation as well as to provide upskilling and product training for in-house staff (terms and conditions apply).

Contact EARTHLOK for concrete spoon drain applications, custom-made to design specifications. Our revolutionary EARTHLOK product, commonly used to line spoon drains, are made in Victoria and used all across the country.

Where do I buy EARTHLOK to line my spoon drain construction in Australia?

Cost-effective and environmentally friendly, EARTHLOK offers the best choice in Australia for flexible concrete matting to line your spoon drain construction, to shore up and prevent erosion.


EARTHLOK brings Australian expertise in protecting channels and embankments - all with an affordable and environmentally friendly solution for erosion. With deep experience in lining spoon drains, EARTHLOK provides all the erosion protection measures needed for your spoon drain.


Preserve the natural environment with EARTHLOK-lined spoon drains and concrete structures. Contact us about lining your spoon drains Australia-wide.

What makes EARTHLOK a more environmentally friendly option?

EARTHLOK is made with recycled materials and has a far lower carbon footprint than other alternative erosion control products that are made of concrete. 


With a 3/4 Greenstar rating, EARTHLOK can help civil engineering firms and local government groups to control erosion while meeting their sustainability targets at the same time.


As a durable, long-lasting product, EARTHLOK is one of the most environmentally friendly ways to line spoon drains, as well as being highly cost-effective. Contact us to find your drainage solutions, custom-made to your design specifications.

How long will EARTHLOK last?

EARTHLOK is an erosion control product built to last for decades, not just years. EARTHLOK solutions have an expected lifespan of 100+ years in vegetative applications, or 50+ years in non-vegetative.


Locally made in Victoria to a consistently high standard of design and manufacture, EARTHLOK is an innovative Australian product that can be customised to the unique design specifications of your spoon drains. 


For long-lasting erosion control that needs minimal maintenance over its product lifespan, contact us for your quote.

How is EARTHLOK installed?

EARTHLOK is incredibly easy and fast to install and up to 1000 m² can be installed per day. It is up to 20 times faster to install than traditional alternatives, such as poured concrete spoon drains.


EARTHLOK spoon drains need to be installed in accordance with their specific guidelines. For your initial order for EARTHLOK products, to assist with the installation, we offer for an experienced EARTHLOK technician to be available at your worksite.

We can be available to assist with proper installation on-site, anywhere in Australia, at no extra cost (terms and conditions apply). 


Our technicians can also upskill your in-house staff, so they have the training in place to make full use of our erosion control,Rip Rap, and Concrete Canvas solutions for your spoon drains.

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