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Rip Rap

EARTHLOK is a cost-effective and environmentally alternative to rip rap 


A revolutionary, Australian-made product, EARTHLOK is an erosion protection solution that can be custom-made to design specifications. It is a unique alternative to traditional forms of erosion control.


EARTHLOK products have a range of benefits – in terms of sustainability, installation time, durability, longevity and overall cost-effectiveness.


Contact us for a quote to use EARTHLOK as an alternative to rip rap rock from quarries. EARTHLOK can also be used for Swale Drains and Spoon Drains.

Alternatives To Using Rip Rap From a Quarry

Earthlok supports many teams who are looking for an alternative to using rip rap from quarries. 


Whether you’re aiming to control erosion, increase stability, or discover a more cost-effective and environmentally-friendly approach, we offer the solutions you need. 


  • Control erosion: Earthlok effectively protects against erosion caused by water flow, preventing damage to quarry slopes and embankments.


  • Increase stability: The interconnected pyramid-shaped concrete blocks of Earthlok provide enhanced stability, ensuring the integrity of quarry structures.


  • Cost-effective solution: Earthlok offers a cost-effective alternative to rip rap from quarries, reducing installation time and maintenance requirements.


  • Environmentally friendly: With a significantly lower carbon footprint and a 3/4 Greenstar rating, Earthlok aligns with sustainability goals and helps minimise environmental impact.


  • Long-lasting performance: Earthlok has a minimum performance life of 50+ years for non-vegetative applications and 100+ years for vegetative applications, outperforming traditional rip rap structures.


  • Expert support: Our team of professionals is experienced in providing alternative solutions to rip rap in civil projects, offering guidance and assistance throughout the project.

Contact Us For Powerful Erosion Protection

Choose Earthlok as your preferred alternative to rip rap in quarry work. 


Contact our team today to discover how our innovative solutions can benefit your quarry, delivering exceptional erosion control, enhanced stability, and cost-effectiveness while prioritising environmental sustainability.


Don't let erosion compromise the integrity of your site. Reach out to us now to explore the power of Earthlok in protecting your operations and achieving your goals.

Rip Rap - FAQs

How is EARTHLOK different to rip rap?

Rip rap is a layer of loose rock, strategically placed to dissipate the force of water and prevent erosion from water action.


EARTHLOK, unlike rip rap, is not loose rock. It is a precast, flexible concrete mat made up of consistently sized, pyramid-shaped, 50 Mpa concrete blocks that are interconnected with a high-strength, chemically resistant geogrid.


EARTHLOK is more durable and resistant to extreme weather events than rip rap alternatives.

How is EARTHLOK more environmentally friendly than rip rap?

EARTHLOK has a significantly lower carbon footprint compared to rip rap projects. Each stage of the manufacture and project installation process is up to 20× lower than the rip rap alternative. One truckload of EARTHLOK product delivered to site is the equivalent to up to 20 truckloads of rip rap.

Made from recycled materials, EARTHLOK has been awarded a 3/4 Greenstar rating. It is a unique product to protect from erosion while at the same time helping civil engineering firms and local government bodies to meet their sustainability goals. In this regard, EARTHLOK is the clear market leader in Australia, ahead of traditional products such as rip rap.

What are the benefits of EARTHLOK over rip rap?

EARTHLOK is both faster to install and requires less maintenance than the rip rap alternative.


The installation time of EARTHLOK is significantly faster than rip rap, due to EARTHLOK being packaged in a ready-to-install roll form (up to 100 m2 per roll) that can be installed in a matter of minutes. An Earthlok flexible concrete mat comes standard with a geotextile underlay attached – therefore, it is quicker and easier to install.


In fact, EARTHLOK's erosion control blanket is up to 20 times faster to install than rip rap, and up to 1000 m² can be installed in a single day.


Whist rip rap projects have been known to be reconstructed moderately frequently, and requiring maintenance after major weather events, EARTHLOK is designed to eliminate the need for potential reconstruction. It requires minimal maintenance due to its design and structural integrity.


Due to the above factors, EARTHLOK projects will almost always be more financially and environmentally cost-effective than the rip rap alternative.

For custom rip rap alternative solutions near you, contact EARTHLOK. Made in Victoria and used across Australia, EARTHLOK is the cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative option to rip rap.

How long do rip rap structures last vs Earthlok?

Rip rap structures are prone to having their structural integrity compromised due to inclement weather events. 


EARTHLOK can withstand greater inclement weather events than rip rap, due to the construction of the EARTHLOK blocks being interconnected and the pyramid shape of the blocks, which are forced down into the subgrade under high velocity of water flow. In other words, strong water flow increases the performance of EARTHLOK, whilst the performance of rip rap structures are often compromised.

EARTHLOK has a minimum performance life of 50+ and 100+ years respectively for non-vegetative and vegetative applications. Whilst individual rip rap rocks will last this long, the structures themselves often do not, due to being compromised in major weather events.

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