Swale Drains

Swale drains are drainage systems that manage stormwater while aesthetically blending into the landscape.


Made in Australia, EARTHLOK is a revolutionary erosion control product that can be used in swale drains. As Australian market leaders in erosion prevention, EARTHLOK swale drains protect the substrate from soil displacement due to water run-off on poorly vegetated sites.


Cost-effective and environmentally friendly, EARTHLOK swale drains can be customised to your design specifications. For sophisticated engineering of swale drains, use EARTHLOK.

Swale Drains - FAQs

What is a swale drain?

A swale drain is a shallow channel on a gently sloped incline, to direct stormwater away from the surface or from a structure. 


EARTHLOK is a revolutionary Australian made product that can be used to construct swale drains.


Swale drains are an effective drainage option for gently sloped land. As long as the land isn't flat (such as below 1% incline) or too steep (such as more than 4% incline), swale drains can remove excess water without having to resort to more intensive alternatives, such as piped stormwater drainage systems.


Swale drainage installation also has other functions, such as slowing down the flow of water and helping to remove larger sediments from the water.

What's the purpose of a swale drain?

Like rock swale drains, EARTHLOK swale drains guide excess surface water away from important structures, such as homes and roadways.


Swale drains also have a role in the maintenance of natural landscapes, to control how water is directed and prevent flooding.


Overall, swale drains prevent flooding by directing to other, concrete drains - creating a controlled outlet for stormwater. They can also be combined with other concrete drain installations to capture rainwater for reuse.


To learn more about how to use EARTHLOK products to create swale drains, contact EARTHLOK.

Are table drains and swale drains the same?

Which to choose, table drain vs swale drain? Though they may look similar, and both rely on natural run-off, they have different purposes and use cases. EARTHLOK can be used in both table drain and swale drain projects.


Both table drains and swale drains are open channels that drain excess water off the surface. The key difference is that swale drains collect the water and then allow it to drain away into the ground, while table drains direct the water into specific collection and disposal points.

This different treatment of the stormwater means that swale and table drain installations have different purposes. For your table drain or swale drain project, talk with us at EARTHLOK.

How is EARTHLOK the environmentally friendly option?

Compared to concrete alternatives that are traditionally used for table drains and swale drains, EARTHLOK has a far lower carbon footprint.


The manufacture process of EARTHLOK, which is made of recycled materials, is much more sustainable than the highly carbon-intensive processing of standard concrete. EARTHLOK has been awarded an overall Greenstar rating of 3/4 in recognition of how environmentally friendly it is, especially when compared to concrete drains.


On top of that, EARTHLOK is also durable and long-lasting with only the bare minimum in terms of maintenance needs. Because it will continue to act as effective erosion protection for years to come without needing replacement, it is a sustainable and cost-effective solution for swale drainage installation.


EARTHLOK is an affordable, effective option that can help civil engineering firms and local government to meet their sustainability targets. Contact us for a more sustainable way to design your swale drains.