Earthlok is a flexible concrete matting system consisting of pyramid shaped, 50 Mpa concrete blocks. The dimensions are 165mm x 165mm base, 50mm x 50mm top, with a height of 60mm. The blocks are interconnected with a 50-50kn UV stabilised geogrid mesh which is inert to most chemicals. Expected lifespan of Earthlok in UV exposed applications (Non-vegetative) is 50yrs+, and 100yrs+ in vegetated applications. Each block is surrounded by a 40mm spacing enabling vegetation establishment. Earthlok is manufactured at a width of 5metres with the option of a biodegradable nutrition mat underlay to help promote vegetation growth, as well as protect the subgrade while vegetation is being established, or a non woven Polypropylene underlay for applications not requiring vegetation. The concrete mixture has a green star rating of 3/4, due to the recycled materials included, Slag, recycled sand and recycled water.The concrete can be coloured to suit the surrounding environment. Earthlok is currently manufactured at our production facility in Victoria and distributed Australia wide. However as our facility is mobile, production can be facilitated to sites to minimise product transportation costs. Once the concrete cures it is then cut to specific sizes and rolled up like carpet, then distributed to site for quick installation. Earthlok delivers permanent hard armour protection to prevent soil loss and erosion from wind, rain and water. The pyramid shape of Earthlok utilises the flow of water to force the block down into the subgrade to further anchor the blocks. Our state of the art production facility and strict quality management plan, ensures 100% quality for all product that is delivered to site.

Concrete Mat Erosion Solutions

EARTHLOK concrete mats are a revolutionary,
Australian-made solution to erosion. 

Cost-effective and environmentally friendly, EARTHLOK concrete mats can be custom-made to design specifications.





Truck of Earthlok is equivalent to 20 truckloads of rock
Greenstar Rating due to recycled materials used

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Up to 20 times faster to install than rip rap or poured concrete
Up to 1000 of EarthLok can be installed in a single day

Concrete Mat Applications


Waterways & Embankments

EARTHLOK concrete mats are used for protecting riverbanks, dam embankments, channels, culverts, outlets, spillways and abutments (and more), while preserving their natural environment. 

The low-profile intercepts debris or logs from catching on the concrete mat and helps to keep the waterway open.


Landfills & Permanent Erosion Solutions

EARTHLOK concrete mats provide a permanent solution to the all too familiar issue facing landfills - erosion. 

EARTHLOK erosion control matting is used to protect landfills from erosion.


Temporary Roadways, Site Access & Boat Ramps

EARTHLOK’s 50 Mpa concrete can be driven on and requires minimal excavation compared to rip rap.


EARTHLOK concrete mats can be used as a temporary roadway, especially during wet weather months and also for boat ramps.

EARTHLOK anti-erosion mats shore up access ways, therefore minimising the risk of site closure and loss of progress.


Erosion Control Matting Projects


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Concrete Mats - FAQs

How is EARTHLOK different to rip rap?

Articulated concrete mattresses are concrete blocks used to prevent erosion damage. The erosion control matting distributes pressure across the concrete mats, so that external forces are dissipated and erosion is prevented.


Anti-erosion mats are an effective solution for erosion control and stabilisation. EARTHLOK Articulated concrete mattresses are used in a wide variety of applications, such as slope stabilisation, water ways, embankments, bridge abutments and vehicle crossings.

EARTHLOK articulated concrete matting can be used anywhere where the substrate needs to be protected from weather or water erosion or from the impact of vehicle and pedestrian access.

How do erosion mats work?

EARTHLOK flexible concrete mats and anti-erosion mats are a unique and revolutionary product in Australia.


Erosion mats are installed at sites where the ground substrate is at risk of erosion. Erosion control matting protects from erosion from water, weather and human activity.

As well as preventing or controlling surface runoff, anti-erosion mats protect land from the polluted waters running off eroded sites.

What is erosion control matting used for?

EARTHLOK concrete mats are primarily used in erosion control. 

Erosion control matting is used for applications such as stabilising steep slopes, soil reinforcement, abutments for bridges, causeways and crossings for stable vehicle access, boat ramps, spillways and overflows, as well as protection and stabilisation of pipelines and shorelines.You can check our Swale Drain, Spoon Drain, Rip Rap, Concrete Canvas, and Erosion Control pages for more details.

How do you install erosion control matting?

EARTHLOK erosion control matting should be installed in accordance with the application-specific guidelines or formal design. 


To assist with the correct installation of the Australian concrete mats, for most initial orders for concrete mats, an experienced EARTHLOK technician will be available on-site, no matter where the project is located in the country. 


This offer is available Australia-wide and comes free, at no extra charge, for orders for concrete mats (terms and conditions apply). This service also provides product training for the erosion control matting and upskilling of in-house staff.